Photo: MoU Signing between Quazar Investment & Graphene Innovations Manchester

Major UAE Based Graphene Commercial Applications Development and Manufacturing Facilities Announced 

Quazar Investment Company (UAE) and Graphene Innovations Manchester Ltd (GIM, UK), announce the signing of an agreement that will create a UAE-based new company to develop and produce premium, environmentally friendly and sustainable products using advanced 2D materials.

This collaboration will make a substantial impact on global CO2 emissions and help reduce other forms of global pollution. The comprehensive agreement involves a mix of exclusive and collaborative arrangements. This new company will invest over $1 billion to develop and mass manufacture a range of graphene-based products, including:

  • GIM Concrete – a breakthrough construction material that dramatically reduces CO2 by eliminating cement. GIM Concrete also uses no water, it cures quickly and can be made using recycled materials. GIM Concrete will eventually become carbon negative. 
  • GIM Hydrogen (Type IV & V) – graphene-enhanced storage tanks and pipes made using advanced proprietary AI-based robots with substantially improved H2 barrier properties and leak prevention. 
  • GIM Smart Clothing – protective clothing PPE technologies that actively cool workwear and improve comfort for people in extremely hot environments.

Graphene was first isolated in 2004 by two scientists at The University of Manchester and they were awarded the Nobel Prize in 2010. Graphene is the strongest known nanoscale material, and it is also highly thermally and electrically conductive.

According to Waleed Al Ali, CEO of Quazar Investment, “The new graphene company will take a global lead in making environmentally friendly concrete and other products. We are glad that Quazar, can play an active role in helping fulfill the UAE’s His Highness Sheikh Saeed Bin Hamdan Bin Mohamed Al Nahyan’s support for the UAE Vision 2030”.

Dr Vivek Koncherry, the CEO of Graphene Innovations Manchester based in the Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre (GEIC, Masdar Building), at The University of Manchester, said: “We are proud to be associated with Quazar so that we can assemble a powerful world-class team to provide us the opportunity to massively deploy our proprietary graphene-based technologies”.

We believe that these ground-breaking technologies will make a significant impact on reducing carbon dioxide emissions and improving sustainability, while at the same time providing companies with the ability to improve the performance of their products”.

Photo: GIM Robot Builds GIM Hydrogen, a  Liquid and Gas Storage Tanks and Pipes 

GIM is based in the Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre, Masdar Building, United Kingdom 


Quazar Investment – Under the leadership and guidance of the Chairman, His Highness Sheikh Saeed Bin Hamdan Bin Mohamed Al Nahyan, Quazar Investment is primed to invest and cooperate in highly promising projects within the region and worldwide. With the excellent vision and entrepreneurial skills of the Quazar CEO, Mr Waleed Al Ali, Quazar is active in helping new companies transition to successful and profitable large-scale commercialisation. 

Graphene Innovations Manchester (GIM) – Dr Vivek Koncherry is a distinguished expert in the field of graphene and a winner of numerous prestigious awards in both research and industry. By seamlessly integrating his extensive knowledge of advanced materials with advanced robotics and artificial intelligence, his wealth of experience offers a significant competitive advantage in the creation of new, advanced and proprietary technologies. 

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