Graphene manifests an array of unrivaled properties

Graphene is a single honeycomb layer of carbon atoms that is harder than diamond, stronger than steel, lighter than aluminum, more conductive than copper, impermeable to all gases, and more flexible and elastic than rubber.

The University of Manchester professors Andre Geim & Kostya Novoselov won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 2010 for their discovery of graphene. Now, graphene-enhanced materials are poised to revolutionize every industry.

The application of graphene

Graphene can be used as an additive to existing materials (such as polymers and metals) to create compounds for new and enhanced products. It is available in powder, ink or sheet forms.

A little bit goes a long way: even adding just a fraction of a percent of graphene can transform the properties of the materials it is combined with, creating unprecedented expressions of both performance AND sustainability.

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